Good Practice Examples



In Slovenia, the Netherlands and the UK the public may attend a plenary or committee session without prior arrangement

In Slovenia, 100 seats are available to the public forplenary sessions and the parliamentary building is open to the public biweekly. In the Netherlands, there are 240 seats available to the public at plenary sessions. Committee sessions are held in several halls which have seats for between 24 and 208 visitors. In the UK, the public can observe plenary sessions of both houses and the Westminster Hall debates from the public galleries.

The Italian Senate has adopted standards based on the Akoma Ntoso format

The Italian Senate has adopted data standards based on the Akoma Ntoso format. All the bills published on the Senate’s website are available, other than in the usual HTML, PDF, and ePub formats, also in XML.

Akoma Ntoso defines a ‘machine readable’ set of simple technology-neutral electronic representations (in XML format) of parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents and is the result of the efforts of the Africa i-Parliaments Action Plan to realize a common standard for the interchange of legal documents among institutions and countries.


The UK national archives makes a range of legislative documents available on its web carries most types of legislation and their accompanying explanatory documents.


The UK Parliament has developed an app that enables citizens to view the parliamentary agenda on the iPad

The UK Parliament’s application enables citizens to read the latest version of the House of Commons Order Paper, which is published each sitting day and lists the business of the House and sittings in Westminster Hall. It also lists questions for oral or written answer that day, questions for written answer which have not previously appeared in print, and other items such as notices of written statements, committee notices, remaining orders and lists of future business. It is designed specifically for the iPad.


The website of the Korean National Assembly provides information about its work

The website of the Republic of Korea’s National Assembly provides a variety of information about its work, with updates on its homepage about recent happenings, a weekly calendar and schedule of upcoming programmes on the National Assembly’s television channel.