Good Practice Examples



In Slovenia, the Netherlands and the UK the public may attend a plenary or committee session without prior arrangement

In Slovenia, 100 seats are available to the public forplenary sessions and the parliamentary building is open to the public biweekly. In the Netherlands, there are 240 seats available to the public at plenary sessions. Committee sessions are held in several halls which have seats for between 24 and 208 visitors. In the UK, the public can observe plenary sessions of both houses and the Westminster Hall debates from the public galleries.

The Finnish parliament works with external groups to engage citizens

The Finnish Eduskunta’s Committee for the Future is partnering with domestic and international research organizations, universities and institutions to address challenges of citizen engagement in the legislative process. It is also integrating new technologies into its methods of work, including exploring the use of social media during hearings and exploiting crowdsourcing techniques to boost citizen feedback.


The Mexican Senate’s transparency committee has developed a workplan on parliamentary openness

After conducting a review of the Senate’s transparency policies against the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness, the Mexican Senate’s Transparency Committee has developed a workplan on parliamentary openness. The review took place with assistance from the local parliamentary monitoring organization and think tank Fundar.