Are verbatim plenary transcripts available? Are plenary attendance records available? Is there a public database of all legislation? Is the parliament's order of business available? Are roll call voting records available? Are parliamentary reports available? Is bill status information available? Is the parliament's session calendar available? Is draft legislation available? Is information on parliament's roles and functions available? Can the public observe or listen to plenary sessions? Are the parliament's rules of procedure available?
Argentina: Chamber of Deputies
Bosnia and Herzegovina: House of Representatives
Brazil: Chamber of Deputies
Cameroon: National Assembly
Canada: House of Commons
Chile: Senate
Colombia: Senate
Croatia: Croatian Parliament
El Salvador: Legislative Assembly of El Salvador
Estonia: Parliament of Estonia
Finland: Parliament of Finland
Georgia: Parliament of Georgia
Germany: Bundestag
Ghana: Parliament of Ghana
Greece: Hellenic Parliament
Guatemala: Congress of Guatemala
Hungary: National Assembly
Indonesia: House of Representative
Iran: Islamic Consultative Assembly
Ireland: Dáil Éireann (Lower House)
Israel: Knesset
Italy: Chamber of Deputies
Jordan: House of Representatives
Kosovo: Assembly of Kosovo
Macedonia: Assembly of Macedonia
Malaysia: House of Representatives
Mexico: Chamber of Deputies