Is contact information for senior administrative staff available? Is information on roles and structure of administrative offices available? Is the parliament's budget available? Is information on parliament's contracts available? Is information on parliament's expenditures available?
Argentina: Chamber of Deputies
Bosnia and Herzegovina: House of Representatives
Brazil: Chamber of Deputies
Cameroon: National Assembly
Canada: House of Commons
Chile: Senate
Colombia: Senate
Croatia: Croatian Parliament
El Salvador: Legislative Assembly of El Salvador
Estonia: Parliament of Estonia
Finland: Parliament of Finland
Georgia: Parliament of Georgia
Germany: Bundestag
Ghana: Parliament of Ghana
Greece: Hellenic Parliament
Guatemala: Congress of Guatemala
Hungary: National Assembly
Indonesia: House of Representative
Iran: Islamic Consultative Assembly
Ireland: Dáil Éireann (Lower House)
Israel: Knesset
Italy: Chamber of Deputies
Jordan: House of Representatives
Kosovo: Assembly of Kosovo
Macedonia: Assembly of Macedonia
Malaysia: House of Representatives
Mexico: Chamber of Deputies
Mexico: Senate
Montenegro: Parliament of Montenegro
Netherlands: Hosue of Representatives
Pakistan: National Assembly
Paraguay: Senate
Romania: Chamber of Deputies
Serbia: National Assembly
South Korea: National Assembly
Spain: Congress of Deputies
Taiwan: Legislative Yuan
Ukraine: Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
United Kingdom: House of Commons

Good Practice Examples

Many parliaments have institutionalized responsibility for transparency and openness

Parliaments have institutionalized responsibility for transparency and openness either by the creation of a new commission or by emphasising this function in assigning committee jurisdictions, such as the Chilean Bicameral Committee for Transparency or the Mexican Senate’s Committee on the Assurance of Access and Transparency of Information (COGATI).


The Argentinean Chamber of Deputies collaborates with parliamentary monitoring organisations on transparency

The president of the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a coalition of parliamentary monitoring organizations, who are using the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness and the Latin American Index on Legislative Transparency to help guide discussions on transparency issues. Through the MoU, the Chamber of Deputies has agreed to create a registry of citizens and non-governmental organisations to ease their ability to participate in committee and plenary sessions, promote an internal regulation about access to public information, create an on-going legislative transparency working group composed of the signatories of the MoU and more.


The code for the UK government’s platform was released on Github

The code for the UK Government’s platform was released on Github, which is the largest code host in the world. is a single domain used to deliver digital services to citizens. It is an open source and mobile-friendly platform.